An A-Z for your life – Behaviour

It is not just about attitude.  Our behaviour matters too.  There is no point in saying all the right things and then not following through with our actions.   Our behaviour is what the world sees of our heart.  The world sees our works and imagines what our heart is like.  Not only does our behaviour indicate who we are to others but also to ourselves.

BehaviourSometimes we like to delude ourselves and think that we are different from how we really are but our behaviour provides evidence of the choices we make. There is an old saying that action speaks louder than words.  This is difficult to dispute.  In Christianity the Bible says that by their fruits you shall know them.  Our fruits are what we give out to the world. That doesn’t mean rushing around and being showy – doing to be noticed and praised.  It is about connecting our behaviour to our attitude and being true about how we are working our way through the challenges that life presents.

How can we show who we are by what we do?  Do you find you behave in ways that surprise you? Maybe you are doing things you do not really want to do or not doing things that you long to do? Would you like to explore what this means for you?  It could be linked to something that happened in the past or something that is happening in your life now.  Who can you talk to about this?