An A-Z for your life – Care

CareLife is more interesting if we care about something and/or someone.  It starts with self-care otherwise we may not be around long enough to care for anyone or anything else.  But self-care alone can lead to a very narrow existence.

Care is more than meeting physical needs.  It could also be about our emotional, spiritual and financial needs.  Once we begin to care about one aspect of our life then we begin to notice the other areas we have been neglecting.  Again it is all about steps in the right direction not about trying to be perfect.

Many of us are so enamoured by celebrities that we expect them to spend all day dieting, exercising, exfoliating, massaging, shopping and dressing to radiate perfection.  How incredibly self-centred we expect them to be!  Or we expect them to roll out of bed looking perfect even though we have never found that for ourselves. Maybe we are so interested in how they look because it distracts us from ourselves.

When we take care of ourselves we will encourage others to do the same.  This could have a good impact on our friends and relations as we encourage them to look after themselves.  We might then begin to care about some aspect of our world.  With globalisation we are all more interconnected than ever whether that is food resources, financial markets, technology or the environment.  As such, caring for others is also in our best interest.

So, do you care about yourself?  Is there any one or any thing that you also care about?  Are you able to demonstrate this through what you do and say?  Or, do you care about nothing and don’t see the point?  Is there someone you can speak to or a book you can read?

There are great psychotherapists, philosophers, theologians and other social scientists who can share their perspectives with you.  This could be a start to finding your own passions. Let me know what you think.