An A-Z for your life – Responsibility



When we are children, we are often under the control of our parents, siblings and school and we have limited power to change our environment. Once we begin to have some control over our life then we become aware of our relationships and have a sense of how our behaviour can have an impact on these.

If your early experiences make it difficult to make friends or trust people then it is possible to discuss this with someone who can help. Maybe you need to figure out what you are interested in and find other people who are also keen on your hobby. Gaining confidence with likeminded people will help you and relationships will probably get easier over time.  Intimate relationships may also need attention and again the approach is the same; explore your expectations (therapy or counselling), increase your awareness of and openness to such relationships and it will become easier. Empower yourself to take responsibility by finding out how you work and taking steps to be all that you can be. You do not have to repeat the mistakes you may have witnessed around you.

No one is perfect and you do not need to be. It always amazes me that we learn so much from age ten to age twenty and yet expect to learn very little in subsequent decades. This is not only about world knowledge but self-knowledge too. We run around looking for answers and we carry them within ourselves.

We are all affected by the world we live in and the various challenges that exist but we can still take some responsibility for our lives.  Are you blaming others for the life you now lead? How can you take responsibility to make the right choices for yourself going forward?  I have decided to take responsibility for my whole health by creating more downtime to relax my body and mind. Tell me what you are taking responsibility for.