British Survey Results:The new 7 Classes in the U.K.

There has been a lot of discussion around class in the U.K. this week.  Although class has been less clearly delineated over recent years there is often a hint of its influence in various encounters, whether face-to-face or through the media.  Historically people fitted into one of upper, middle or lower class groupings but this has all changed.  A recent report has identified seven classes, all with various economic and cultural expectations. For myself I find that my cultural engagement is way ahead of my economic capital!

The 7 classes are:IMG_2467

1. Elite

2 Established Middle Class

3.Technical Middle Class

4. New Affluent Workers

5. Emergent Service Workers

6. Traditional Working Class

7. Precariat

For more information on the survey, the definitions and to complete your own survey check out this BBC link .  What do you think? “Are you bothered?”