Effort and Energy

Effort energyWell no doubt you are beginning to feel that life really takes effort and energy.  It does but it can be a cyclical process where the energy supports the effort and such effort encourages more energetic responses.

It is about the energy we give off when we meet others and that which we pick up from them.  We have our own natural energy levels but that gets drained when we are surrounded by people, places or things that do not encourage us to reveal who we are.  A lifetime of that could really take its toll and leave a person feeling completely depleted.  In such circumstances a recharge is necessary before any energy could be found, let alone emitted.  So if all this sounds too heavy and laborious, maybe you need a retreat, a chance to rediscover yourself and what you want to put into and get out of life.

Think of your favourite person – how would you describe the energy they give off when you are with them?  What about your least favourite person – what is their energy like?   And what about you – how would others experience your energy or lack of?

Effort can have a bad name but there is nothing wrong in trying to achieve something.  Most of us admire people who build something from nothing through their own effort.  I am not suggesting forcing ourselves to be constantly heroic by ignoring our human frailty but success after effort can be very good for self-esteem and brings about a sense of empowerment.  I remember how great I felt after passing my driving test having had several attempts.  Although I found it more difficult than academic study I knew it was important for a more confident adult life.  It gives me more options about what, when and how I participate in the world.  Both energy and effort helps to move our life forward rather than allowing us to stay in some early form of development for our whole life.  Life has a lot to offer but generally things tend not to fall into our laps.  Although it may seem so for others that is not the case.  Apart from winning a lottery most people work hard to get somewhere or to stay somewhere.

Are there any issues in your life you have ignored or avoided because you did not want to put in the effort?  Was this from a real need to protect yourself or some less admirable reason?  Is there anything you would like in your life now if only you could put the effort in? Leave a comment to share how you experience effort and energy.