So, it’s the day after the night before.  Last night it seemed like a good idea to start a blog today I am facing the reality of sharing my thoughts with strangers (unknown friends?).  You see I am still ambiguous about this.  I know I will be able to give and receive a lot out of this exchange but I do have privacy issues.  Not because there is anything special about me but because I tend to think intimate details should be shared in intimate settings.  Still, I am writing so I am willing to explore it.

I am enjoying the idea that short random thoughts without evidence or structure is publishable.  This may be old hat to many but, my other confession is that I don’t really read blogs.  I am tempted to start reading several to get a sense of what others write but I do like the idea of being original.  Of course, in reality, it’s probably been done before.  Whatever…..We can each put our individual twist on the contributions we have to make to our world.