An A-Z for your life – Laughter

Humour is part of what makes life pleasurable.  Smiling and laughing is good for our heart and helps us to de-stress. It does not get rid of the stresses altogether but offers some respite from them and is enjoyable in its own right.  It can make us feel happy.

Psychologists and others have spent time analysing humour and why we find certain things funny.  What you find funny can say a lot about who you are.  If you spend enough time listening to comedians you could see the punch line as it approaches.  That does not make it any less funny.


Do you laugh because of what you hear when someone tells a joke or is it about what you see.  Many of the early silent movies are very entertaining to look at.  I don’t think humour is about picking on any one person or making fun of a group of people. That is unnecessary and cruel. Generally I prefer my humour in situation comedy or clever stand-ups with witty word play.  But often it is the silliest things that remain in our memories.

Comedy does not have to be performed for us.  Laughter can come from our everyday encounters with the people in our life.  This can provide many private episodes of riotous laughter. We can always laugh at ourselves too. In surveys women often say that they want a man with a sense of humour although men don’t seem to rate this as important for them.  I do not know why that is.

I am glad I know what makes me laugh and where to find it.  Is there a place for laughter in your life? Could you laugh with the ones you love?