An A-Z for your life – Art

artHave you ever wondered about what you know and what you do not know in life?  Sometimes I stumble upon insights and it surprises me that I did not know that thing before.  Art is all around us even though we do not always see it.  Classically it is about paintings and drawings that have been done by great artists.  It can also be about sculpture and other images.  For some it is about a literal interpretation of a real thing or event whilst for others it can be about creating a mood or a feeling.  Some people get very excited about what counts as art and what does not.

For me it is an opportunity to appreciate the image and the emotions it connects to.  I love a good painting or sculpture although I can’t really do either myself.  I do however enjoy taking photographs and have been very pleased to include my photos in this book.  Images can stir us on a very deep level and help us to appreciate the complexity of our existence.  I love to pop in to art galleries and museums in my lunch hour as it sometimes puts the day’s work into perspective and reminds me there is more to life than whatever I am working on.

What we call art seems to be changing and expanding all the time.  I went to see a very modern exhibition recently and found it very engaging.  I decided to enter into the fun of it and not stand aside critiquing it.  There were mounds of concrete and weird mirrors that contorted reality.  Other recent events have seen someone running in a gallery and people performing on a plinth as forms of living art.

As modern western life becomes more designed I think art is moving off the walls and into our homes and lives.  Art influences the designs of chairs, kitchens, cars and trainers.  It could be the way a dish is served in a restaurant or the beautiful movement of a world-class dancer.  We all consume art in our daily lives.  Art meets fashion on the high street.  I often see gorgeous shoes that are beautiful to look at but impossible to wear.  Art meets nature in sunrise and sunset.

Thankfully we do not need to create our own art to appreciate it.  How does the idea of art sound to you?  Is this something you have an appreciation for or does it seem unnecessary and foolish?  What do you consider art?  Are you able to appreciate any art in your life?