Barack Obama / Lewis Hamilton

What a week!  These guys have changed the face of history.  They dared to believe they could achieve what had not been done before.  They were told they were too young and had not been in their game long enough – needed to wait their turn.  

Yet they possess great self-belief based on real ability. They were able to keep themselves going when others doubted them.  With focus, determination, hard work and lots of talent they have won the race and secured a place for themselves in the history books.  They could not have done it alone.  Having demonstrated their gifts to those around them they have been supported by their own very loyal team; despite criticism from their peers and the opposition.  Both have a strong family base to retreat to and be nourished by.

Of course, there are no guarantees.  Winning is the first step, legacy is a whole different ball game.  That requires delivering again and again.  But it’s symbolic for all of us.  When/If we’re made to feel different and out of place we can use that to motivate us to move forward, to dream big.  Stepping out on a limb is scary but to fulfill your calling – that’s incredible!  It gives us the audacity to hope for a better future for our world and to strive for excellence.  Passion – calmly executed.