An A- Z for your life – Hope


Hope helps us to believe in possibilities. It tells us that good things can and do happen and it is up to us to pay attention.  Certainly this is a better way to approach life than feeling hopeless.

If we have hope we are more likely to put in effort and make plans for ourselves, because we expect to make things happen.  Of course hope does not mean things will happen the way we want them to but it puts us in a good frame of mind and encourages us to try; this is the first step to something occurring. ‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.’ Anais Nin.  Without hope we would not try.

Like everything else it is about balance.  If something has proved unlikely to happen with our effort then there will be a time to accept this and move on.  Hope is a starting point but it would be foolish to hold on to it when reality points the other way.  We can redirect that effort elsewhere without feeling wronged or punished.  Life has something better planned for us and we need to reach out and accept it.

Are you someone who is scared of hoping for anything because you fear being disappointed? Do you hope more for things you want to create or things you would like to be given?

I am smiling on the inside


I stood with one hand under my chin, arms folded and looking at my feet.  If you saw

me at a distance you’d think I was feeling miserable.  The truth is I was enjoying the

sunshine and engrossed with the ladybird trying to climb up my shoes.  A grounded

moment in a busy day.


What we are thinking and feeling is not always obvious to those around us.  If our aim

is to deceive then that’s great but if we wish to deepen relationships and develop trust

then opening up is necessary.   We could be smiling or crying on the inside, who



What we see from the outside is

always a partial picture of the

truth, and even we may not fully

understand ourselves.




For myself I find it is very powerful to be really seen, even if feedback is sometimes

difficult to receive.  It is very exposing and moving to have someone give honest

feedback on how they experience us.   With my clients I offer my reflections gently.


If we are experienced differently from what we believe to be the truth then it is up to us

to explore this. How are we living or being that gives them that impression?  Is there a

conspiracy or is there some truth in how others experience you?

I would love to have your responses.