one year on

One Year On

Reflections on a year in lockdown

Journal 2021

I’ve added my love of photography to my work in ‘writing as therapy’ and created a journal for 2021. You’re welcome to try it too. It has a writing prompt, space for what you’re thankful for, how you plan to look after yourself and…

Time to Talk

As a practising counsellor I feel I want to encourage people to have better conversations about mental health. But the phrase ‘time to talk’ is so well used now that I wonder what we mean by it. I remember when I first returned to live…

I am smiling on the inside

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  I stood with one hand under my chin, arms folded and looking at my feet.  If you saw me at a distance you’d think I was feeling miserable.  The truth is I was enjoying the sunshine and engrossed with the ladybird trying to…

A new year – Is there anything you’d like to change for 2012?

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As I get older I really appreciate the opportunity of a new year.  It gives me a chance to reflect on how I spend my time, looking back, looking forward and in the present.We do not need to feel overwhelmed by setting unreachable goals.   It…