Writing, Reflecting, Black History Month

Looking after your wellbeing

Looking after your wellbeing in Black History Month. Make time for you. For more details and booking:

Time to Talk

As a practising counsellor I feel I want to encourage people to have better conversations about mental health. But the phrase ‘time to talk’ is so well used now that I wonder what we mean by it. I remember when I first returned to live…
Everyone has mental health

Book Review – Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

(First published in TODAY Magazine, no longer online) I approach this review with some ambivalence. Like many of you I am exploring ways to live my best life and fulfil my potential. On the other hand, we can ask too much of ourselves…
Writing Your Story

Writing Your Story – 17th October, 2018, 7pm #rdguk

Many people would like to write a book, but few put in the effort to achieve this.   Would you like to write your book? Do you have a story to tell? Have you had interesting experiences in your life that others might enjoy reading about?…
Everyone has mental health

5 misconceptions about counselling and therapy

It is only for people with mental health problems You may think that there are people who have mental health problems and others who do not, but the truth is that we all have mental health and any one of us could experiences challenges in this…